Lao fonts

Today, hundreds of Lao fonts of more or less good quality do exist. Many of them are free and downloadable from the Internet (prefer Unicode fonts whenever possible).

Unicode fonts

- Lao Software : MahaSila, PhrasongLao (Grégory Kourilsky, Loïc de Larminat), MahaSila is included in LaoUniKey and in LaoWord

- TavulteSoft : Saysettha OT... (John Durdin), work very well

- Asian Fonts : JG Basic Lao... (Jason Glavy), very nice glyphs but problems with the accents

- Unicode Support in Your Browser : Code2000 (James Kass), very comprehensive font but problems with the accents (shareware)

Nota : The Arial Unicode MS font (distributed with Microsoft products) does not work correctly due to problems with the accents and the zero-width vowels.

Non-Unicode fonts

- Yamada Language Center (University of Oregon)

- Free Lao Font Online (personal page), includes explanations

- LaoSite (personal page), includes explanations

- Laonet (personal page)

- BonnetBT (personal page)

- CRCL (personal page)

Nota : This list is far from being exhaustive. You will find many other fonts by searching on the Internet.